Næringsrik sorbet

Healthy “gelato”. The classic way of making “gelato” take inspiration from the past, it keeps the promises and the premises of the past about quality of ingredients and the way to work them. That’s why “gelato” has to maintain one promise, it has to be delightful, and “gelato” need to keep a premise, it has to be healthy. All the rest is ice-cream. Our daughter Sofia, asks to her teacher to organize with us a workshop and make gelato at school. We are sorry Christine, we perfectly know how much can be annoying our Sofia. So here we are the project is launched, only a problem remains. What sort of gelato we make? First of all we thought a “sorbetto” to avoid any sort of lactose-intolerances. The five colors of healthy. That’s it. Delightful and healthy, promise and premise together in one taste.

Blue: forest fruits. Good for blood circulation and urinary system.

Green: kiwi. Indicated for eyes, bones and teeth.

White: Pere. Positive effect on cholesterol.

Orange: blonde oranges. To keep healthy immune system.

Red: strawberries. It slows the brain aging.

we add sugar, honey, inulin, carruba flour.

Inulin is a natural prebiotic fiber. It helps to improve the intestinal bacterial flora.

Carruba flour. We use carruba flour as natural stabilizer and emulsifier.

Seeing is believing, but blissful who believes without seeing.

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