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Siri krem

Siri vi har lyst til å lage en smake bare for deg. Tiziana asked to Siri: “what about an old-fashioned cream?” Siri answered: “hvorfor ikke?” Ti. “I’d add some sour cherries. wouldn’t you?” Si. “Hvorfor ikke?” Ti. “Ok I see. I think to cover everything with biscuits grained.” Si. “Hvorfor ikke.” That’s how has born…

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Emilia Romagna

  A land is modelled by many natural phenomenons, and this land in turn modells its inhabitants. We are really grateful for the land which modelled us, we are honored for been modelled from this awesome land, Emilia Romagna. Et land er modellert av mange naturfenomener, og dette landet modellerer sine innbyggere. Vi er veldig…

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Wonder woman's gelato

Diana has been educated human race is threatening, selfish and full of egoism. The English spy was very, very smart in this occasion. Because he knew there was only a way to change her mind, to let her know that we have a good part too, the lovely and tastefully human soul and that was…

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